Saturday, 6 August 2011

A peak inside my tiny studio x

Welcome to my little studio...which also doubles up as a spare room and at some point in the near future will be shared with my baby when he moves out of our bedroom, but for the moment at least it is my studio and creative sanctuary! You can see one of my favourite finds, a vintage locker from a little gem of a shop le chien et moi I discovered this treasure when on a trip to Nottingham and fell in love instantly! Unfortunately it wouldn't fit in our rather small car but luckily we managed to get it delivered...Remind me to give you a little peak inside, it is full of all of my crafting bits and pieces. On top you can see a crate full of my Melancholy tree cushions. These are my favourite cushions in my collection with their sad little faces and cute story printed on the back. Check them out on my website...

Another corner of my studio, as you can see every nook and cranny is filled with stock and materials. Hen and Hammock sell great old crates and seed trays which I love to store my brooches and hair slides in.

A few more treasures to inspire me and make me smile...the champagne cork was popped when I got engaged on christmas day x

Beautiful and functional...the perfect combination! I found this gorgeous vintage ribbon holder in a tiny shop Beyond Fabrics on Columbia Road, a real favourite of mine. You must pop in if you are in the neighbourhood, it sells a lovely selection of ribbons and trims.

My friends and family know that I love cute bits and pieces so my birthday and christmas presents normally include little additions to my studio. Meet my bunny and birds which were in my stocking last year...x

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