Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Thank you and last 10 days of one/ x

Thanks so much for all of your lovely emails, kind words and generous orders.  So many of you have purchased treats for yourselves, friends and families and have also forwarded details of my super sale on to help spread the word.

I have almost cleared my stock and just have ten days to go before I close down my website and shop for good. I have sold out of lots of things, including my Happily Ever After cushions and all of my Love Apple and Florrie Fern tea towels.  I have a few bits and pieces left so have reduced them further before I shut up shop in ten days.

Final clearance

Sets of four decorative trees (1 x You & Me tree, 1 x Rosy Posy tree, 1 x Miss Peabody tree & 1 x Florrie fern tree) was £48 - now £4 (12 sets remaining)

Set of tree triplets - was £18 - now £2.50 (10 sets remaining)

Miss Peabody cushion covers (please note cushion cover only without cushion inner) - was £42 - now £5 (8 remaining)

Melancholy cushions/Topsy turvy cushion - was £26/£24 - now £5 (11 remaining)

Make one/ sewing kits - was £14 - now £4 (6 remaining)

Please drop me an email if you would like to place an order and I will organise posting out to you.  I will need to add p&p, but in most cases it will be around £3 unless you are ordering lots of cushions.

Thanks again

Kate x

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Goodbye...and super closing down sale x

Hello lovely blog followers,

As you have probably noticed I haven't been posting much recently. I have made the big decision to close down my business :( This has been quite difficult and has taken me a long while to finally come to but due to growing family committments and my busy full time job as an Art teacher I just can't quite keep my head above water and have been finding balancing everything quite tricky!

So no more fairs or shows and my website will be closing down at the end of the month.

I am selling all of my remaining stock at cost price or lower as I need to close by 31st March to tie in with the end of the financial year.  I haven't changed the prices on my website as it quite costly to do so but if you would like to take advantage of my super sale. Please see the prices below and drop me an email to:


So here goes:

Tea towels are reduced from £12 - to £3

Tree decorations from £12 to £2

Tree triplet decorations from £18 to £4

Make one sewing kits from £14 to £5

So if you would like anything please just drop me an email and I will send you either a paypal invoice or my bacs details, whichever you would prefer and I will add on £2 to £5 to cover postage (depending on size of order).  I would be really grateful if you could forward these details on to any of your family and friends who you think might be interested.
I would love to see my trees, cushions and tea towels end up in happy homes!
Thanks so much for following my blog, I have made some wonderful friends both through my blog and attending so many shows and fairs.  I will still be around but on the other side of the fence from now on.
Goodbye for now...
Kate x

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Neon splashes this week x

It's been a busy week...getting into the swing of being back at school and planning some super short projects to do with the boys as there are only a couple of weeks left until the end of term.  My lovely assistant Poppy pointed out that I seem to have a bit of a neon addiction going on which I hadn't noticed but on reflection I can see what she means...

I've been wearing my lovely gorgeous spotty blouse from Whistles.  I had a slight disaster with a bottle of fluorescent yellow ink so had to whip it off mid point through the day and dash to the dry cleaners...not very sensible to wear silk blouses in the art room!

Inspired by the wonderfully talented Jill Bliss and the equally splendid Sania Pell...I decided to combine florals with fluro and got the boys to produce fine liner contour drawings onto marbled backgrounds.

I was really pleased with how enthusiastic the boys were and they produced some really beautiful study sheets incorporating lines, dots and patterns from the Jill Bliss nature drawing journal that I bought earlier this year.

I only had two lessons to teach my year 4 boys before school is out for summer so I needed a quick fix...they had been looking at op art and colour for most of the term so I decided to buy some big bright tubs of hama beads so that they could create op art inspired coasters or multi-coloured crazy creature key rings. This idea was met with a few cheers and the boys produced several designs on squared paper before getting their little mitts on the beads...

I had a little practice and was really pleased with the results...I think I will be buying myself a large tub of hama beads over the summer to make some cool coasters...it was such fun and they will look fab on my wooden trunk coffee table.  Anyway I'm sure you will agree that dear Poppy was right, it has been a bit of an unintentionally neon week! 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Something tiny to make you smile x

I was just having a tiny little browse on etsy, well maybe my tiny browse was more like half an hour and yes you're right I do have a to do list as long as my arm but it's nice to escape into the magical world of etsy every once in a while, right?  My wander through the virtual shopping streets was richly rewarded as I stumbled upon the wonderful world of Misako Mimoko, magic and happy handmade loveliness made by the wonderfully talented Eva Monleon...

Her exquisite, quirky work really does make me feel happy...who could fail to feel cheerful with one of these cute little nuggets pinned onto your jacket and scarf. They are absolutely adorable!

And here is another one...

Wouldn't you just love a whole family...to brighten up your dresser top as well as your wardrobe..?!  Thank you super talented Eva for a wistful few minutes, I hope to buy one of your happy little faces very very soon x

Back to work in the rain and remembering special sunny afternoons x

So the time has finally come...to go back to work after a wonderful year off with my little boy.  I am a whole mixture of emotions; excited, nervous, sad to be living my precious little one and the gift of spontaneous living and the return to order, structure and timetables! I was flicking through some photos on my phone and it made me remember some happy sunny moments over the last few months...

Playtime on the green, when 'daddy' had an unexpected early finish...

A long and leisurely walk down the King's Road to Pimlico to buy apple juice and yummy avocado and tomato salad from Daylesford Organic to eat in the sunshine in Orange square.  Did I appreciate these splendid moments as much as I should? I hope so as I miss them dearly and keep them close to my heart today especially on a packed tube with wet feet and a dripping umbrella...

Another early dinner on the green...

And lunch on the terrace with a couple of friends...when it didn't matter what time it was and the afternoon could drift into evening as the babies pulled all of the mint leaves off the plants and tried to eat soil when we weren't looking...Thank goodness for my iphone, so I can keep my pocket full of happy snaps for when the day seems long and drizzly...see you all soon x

Thursday, 31 May 2012

An afternoon of designing...x

A couple of quiet hours to lose myself in colours, patterns and my whimsical little one/ world...I have so many ideas for new little creatures and of course the trees that they spend their days climbing and hiding behind...

It is such a lovely bright afternoon, the sun is shining through the windows and making everything dappled and a little bit hazy like life in soft focus...I love to surround myself with things that I love like my old letter stencil and of course my k+s beautiful embroidery, I have had that for many years...

Here are a few snaps of me working that my talented friend Ellie took a couple of weeks ago after we had finished our photoshoot.  I really like them because they feel very natural and honest...this is what my work desk looks like, lots of heaped up piles of fabrics, ribbons and threads, along with sketches, scraps of notes and a couple of sketchbooks...this is how I really like to work, a kind of messy creative hubub (not sure if that is a real word, but it suits...)

I've just realised what is missing from these photos...my precious apple mac, which I surely couldn't live without!  Paper, pens, sewing machine, camera and baby apple...my absolute essential kit for sure, I love to add in all of the trims, tape and embellishments but if I had to I could lose all of those things and cope with my creative essentials. Sorry for forgetting you precious baby apple!

Ok, less chatting and more designing for me...I'll show you what I've been up to when I next check in.  I hope you are enjoying your afternoon whatever you are doing...x

Monday, 28 May 2012

Little ones looking for new homes x

Hello, please let me formally introduce you to Gilbert... he was printed and sewn by me in Parson's Green.  To be precise he was printed during Jake's morning nap and then stitched and stuffed with super soft toy filling once Jake was tucked up for the night and the following evening I knitted him a little scarf to keep him warm and toasty...although he could probably take it off in this beautiful sunshine..!

Gilbert comes with a printed speech bubble tag with the message 'I really like you...' on one side and his little story on the other 'Gilbert is a very happy little boy who likes to giggle...he is very curious and loves to climb up the happily ever after tree...in fact it is his favourite place to be...x'

Gilbert loves to climb the Happily Ever After Tree

Gilbert also comes with a tiny message badge that says 'I really like you...'

Gilbert would love to sit on your bookcase or on a stack of recipe books in your kitchen, he is also perfectly at home on top of a picture frame or on a tiny chair if you have one...find him in my etsy shop for now until I add him to my webshop...

Here he is with his forest friend Isabella...x