Sunday, 30 October 2011

Getting ready for Spirit of Christmas x

Oh my goodness, I can't remember the last time I was so busy...I really underestimated the work involved in taking part in so many fairs...I am in the middle of getting ready for the Spirit of Christmas fair at Olympia next week, which I'm super excited and extremely nervous about. I have just received my beautiful new Love Apple tea towels from the screen printers and have had them printed in lavender as well as the usual dusty pink. I really like them and just need to tie them with twine and add a little apple badge and story tag to complete them for the fair...

Earlier today, when my 'to do' lists were getting quite out of hand my other half decided it was necessary in fact essential that I had some fresh air and a break from any kind of design or crafting so bundled baby Jake and I into the car and we headed to Richmond park for a much needed change of scene....

Bliss...he was right! Just a couple of miles away from home and I felt the weight lift off my shoulders and put everything back into perspective. As my mum always tells me 'everything is going to be ok...' and she is usually right. What a beautiful autumnal day with piles of leaves to stomp through and a bench for a rest and a cuddle break...

A lovely couple of hours and now daddy is in charge and it is back to work for me! Just a few more make one/ kits to put together before bed and then packing everything into boxes before heading to the fair to set up bright and early on Tuesday morning. Please do stop by and say hi...I am at stand GL51, mention that you follow my blog and I will give you a 10% discount. Sweet dreams x

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Renegade - part 3 x

Two more people I want to quickly mention before I go off to bed...the first is the super inspirational Daniel from the drawing machine. His stand really captured my attention, tiny little models of buildings with the most intricate detail. He was presenting a collection called faces and places. My favourite was definitely places...small blocks of wood in interesting shapes all illustrated to become pieces of fantasy architecture...

The aspect of Daniel's work that really appealed to me was the way that he sold his work which was by the cm rather than by the piece...what an interesting and unusual concept. The consumers were invited to create their own town by putting together a range of miniature buildings and towers...I really want to buy a town..! It reminded me a little of my urban garden range where people can buy one tree or lots of trees to create their own mini forest or woodland...I love the idea of people being able to interact with the products they choose to buy.

Also I just loved the beautiful presentation of the drawing machine's stand...simple, striking and really effective. Please Father Christmas bring me a miniature fantasy city...

And finally, finally...I need to mention the amazing Ethan. He was at Renegade with his mum Desiree. Desiree had a gorgeous stand selling her fantastic furry creatures, unfortunately the photos I took are a little blurred but you can see her lovely work here. Her son Ethan had a little corner of her stand and was selling his own comics. He has written the stories and illustrated them himself and when I asked him more about them he was quick to give me his very own business card, I was super impressed! It made me think fondly of the days when I will be able to bring Jake along to fairs and that maybe he will make his own little comic or toy...I think I have a few years to wait as he is only 4 months old..! Please check out the dog boy comics and you can listen to the theme tune here. Now I really must go to bed, before Jake wakes for his dreamtime feed x

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Renegade - part two x

Sorry guys...a few days later than anticipated, here I bring to you Renegade part two...Meet some of my neighbours from the fair...firstly the lovely Alice Gabb with her beautifully curated stand. Alice is an amazingly talented illustrator and stationery designer, her work is thoroughly British and has a vintage, traditional and quirky feel. She also makes beautiful bears, as you can see in the photo. Once I had made a few sales I decided to treat myself, I will show you a picture of Alfred in his new home in Parsons Green sometime soon...

Another Renegade favourite of mine was Robin & Mould...Amy and Christian, a husband and wife team who had travelled from rural Wiltshire to take part in the show. They design and print a range of homewares, including tea towels, tea cosies and the most delectable cushions. My favourite is the mustard and yellow owl cushion which is on my christmas present list.

I loved the styling of their stand, it complimented their products perfectly and really opened my inexperienced eyes to what can be done in a short time to create an amazingly eye catching display. I really can't praise their products enough and only wish I had managed to shop with them on the day.

Lovely stacks of cushions and
yummy tea cosies , doesn't it make you want to layer your sofa with blankets and cushions and pop a super cute cosy onto your tea pot...

You can read an interview about Robin and Mould on the Creative Control blog. Here is a little snippet...Our work is inspired by…anything and everything, small random combinations of colours/textures/type spotted in everyday things, illustration, graphic design, interiors, patterns, architecture…we could go on forever. We’re inspired by much of the same things but the design process is quite different for both of us. Somehow it always comes together with Christian doing lots of sketching and scribbling and Amy writing down ideas and beavering away on Illustrator. To read more click here.

I must apologise again for my rather slow blogging of late, baby Jake is teething and I am not getting very much sleep which is resulting in a very slow mummy! x ps just saw my very first shooting star, so excited...I made a wish x

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Renegade - part one x

What a lovely, if slightly hectic weekend I had at Renegade. Unfortunately I didn't take any proper photos once I was all set up as suddenly I had a flurry of customers and completely forgot. So you will have to make do with some work in progress shots that I was sending to my other half so he could see how I was getting on...they should give you an idea of the finished stand.

You can just about see my mum peeking out from behind the display, I really couldn't have done it without her...

And finally some closer shots of my cushions...I had some very interesting chats about my Melancholy tree cushion which seemed to divide people with its terribly sad story about his lost love and very glum face. I personally love Mr Melancholy tree and think it is good to balance the super sweet Happily Ever After tree and You and Me tree with a small touch of sadness and let's face it we all have our melancholy days from time to time and it is nice to know that the Melancholy tree is there to empathise..! Thank you to the lovely ladies who have given my melancholy friends a new home...he really is a very special little tree x

I will be back tomorrow to blog about some of my lovely neighbours at Renegade and to show you a couple of my purchases...night night x

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Renegade here I come...x

Super busy getting ready for Renegade craft fair at the Truman Brewery this weekend. I have been printing, sewing, stuffing and now packing...As you can see it's all hands on deck as Baby Jake has helped me do a quick stock take!

He was slightly concerned that I might accidentally pack him in one of the bags...

Do pop by...there are so many super talented designers and makers taking part it will be an inspirational and fun weekend. I am slightly worried that I will do so much shopping that I will come home with more stuff than I sell. I am particularly looking forward to seeing Alice Gabb and would love to buy one of her handmade bears...Captain Bert is my favourite! I am also excited to have the talented Julia Pott as my next door neighbour as I have been a fan of hers for a long time! Please come and say hello...x