Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Renegade - part two x

Sorry guys...a few days later than anticipated, here I bring to you Renegade part two...Meet some of my neighbours from the fair...firstly the lovely Alice Gabb with her beautifully curated stand. Alice is an amazingly talented illustrator and stationery designer, her work is thoroughly British and has a vintage, traditional and quirky feel. She also makes beautiful bears, as you can see in the photo. Once I had made a few sales I decided to treat myself, I will show you a picture of Alfred in his new home in Parsons Green sometime soon...

Another Renegade favourite of mine was Robin & Mould...Amy and Christian, a husband and wife team who had travelled from rural Wiltshire to take part in the show. They design and print a range of homewares, including tea towels, tea cosies and the most delectable cushions. My favourite is the mustard and yellow owl cushion which is on my christmas present list.

I loved the styling of their stand, it complimented their products perfectly and really opened my inexperienced eyes to what can be done in a short time to create an amazingly eye catching display. I really can't praise their products enough and only wish I had managed to shop with them on the day.

Lovely stacks of cushions and
yummy tea cosies , doesn't it make you want to layer your sofa with blankets and cushions and pop a super cute cosy onto your tea pot...

You can read an interview about Robin and Mould on the Creative Control blog. Here is a little snippet...Our work is inspired by…anything and everything, small random combinations of colours/textures/type spotted in everyday things, illustration, graphic design, interiors, patterns, architecture…we could go on forever. We’re inspired by much of the same things but the design process is quite different for both of us. Somehow it always comes together with Christian doing lots of sketching and scribbling and Amy writing down ideas and beavering away on Illustrator. To read more click here.

I must apologise again for my rather slow blogging of late, baby Jake is teething and I am not getting very much sleep which is resulting in a very slow mummy! x ps just saw my very first shooting star, so excited...I made a wish x

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