Sunday, 31 July 2011

An afternoon in the sunshine x

Wouldn't you love to live in one of these beautiful houses? Cool and delicious in every shade of ice cream...Unfortunately I'm not blogging about my own home, I am day dreaming as I walk along the King's Road and peek down a picture postcard side street. I think I would go for pistachio green one, how about you?

I popped into Anthropologie as I always do if I'm in Chelsea. It really is a visual feast. The merchandisers display everything with such creativity that it never fails to inspire me. The current theme seemed to be windows and there were different kinds of old windows hanging from ceilings and in all kinds of interesting arrangements. It made me think about displaying my urban garden trees when I do craft fairs and trade shows in the future. My little range of trees are designed for people who don't have their own garden to create an indoor woodland or miniature forest on their windowsill. How cool if I could get hold of some vintage window frames to create an installation. I need to investigate some local salvage yards. Will keep you posted and introduce you to my tree collection soon...

On my way home I was excited to see a new shop, I don't know if you watched the Mary Portas programme where she re-designed charity shops? I did, it was really inspirational and so nice to see one just around the corner. It was the grand opening so I called in for a glass of prosecco and a little mooch...lovely!

Almost home, just going to call into the shack on the green. What a treat, Skye Gyngell from Petersham Nurseries is hosting the pop up cafe and what a beautiful sunny weekend for it. That reminds me I haven't been to Petersham for ages, maybe next weekend? Bye for now x

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sweetpea family said...

Hi Sweetheart I would choose a very pale blue house - just a hint of forget-me-not blue - it could be next to your pale green house.
Your cookies look amazing save one for me xxx