Thursday, 28 July 2011

Welcome to my home x

Welcome to my home...I live in South West London with my fiance and baby son. We live in a very cute upside down house, so the bedrooms and bathroom are downstairs and the kitchen and living room are upstairs. It took a little while to get used to, but we really like it here. It is quite small so lots of clever storage solutions are needed, particularly as I have quite a lot of stuff! I am going to give you a little tour focusing on some of my favourite bits and pieces. The illustration above is by a lovely artist Nan Lawson. She has a shop on etsy and this was a custom portrait that she did for me.

Welcome to the dining room...this little wooden shelf is from an online shop I really love called Camel & Yak. They sell so many gorgeous things for your home and lots of great gifts. I just bought the vintage stencil from my all time favourite shop Liberty, I can't put into words how much I love this store. From the moment I walk through the heavy wooden doors I feel happy, the buyers do such a wonderful job of sourcing the most delicious products...I really could buy almost everything. I popped in last week to introduce baby Jake to his mummy's favourite shop and he seemed to like it too, from the delicious fragrances to the silk scarf room and of course the furniture on the fourth floor where I spent a lovely half an hour wishing I had the space and the budget to buy some of their vintage pieces. To satisfy my cravings I picked up this cute stencil, not sure if I will keep it here but whilst I ponder it will live here for a while. Where do you like to shop? Do you have a spiritual home like I do?

Here is a corner of my kitchen...I am not the best cook in the world so my tiny kitchen suits me just fine! I am going to make some soup this afternoon as my baby is with his grandma and I have a couple of hours to myself. Do you like my egg cosy's? They were knitted by my super talented mum, you will see lots of cute things that she has made popping up around my house. She has a folksy shop where she sells her creations. Check out sweetpea family.

And last but not least my bedroom...this poster hangs next to my bed, I think it is supposed to be for a children's room but I really love it. It is from a lovely etsy store My Sweet Prints, they also do one with a morning routine...rise and shine, toilet, eat breakfast, wash face, clean teeth, get dressed, brush hair, play & learn...I might buy this for Jake when he is a little bit bigger...Anyway I'm off to make my soup and maybe even some cookies...I've taken lots of pictures of little corners of my house so will post some more another time. Goodbye for now x

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belleandboo said...

How funny, I book marked that print a few days ago to buy for some little people in my life, but now I am thinking I could just get one for me!