Saturday, 6 August 2011

Merci x

Don't you just love getting post..? I absolutely do! Don't get me wrong, emails are fantastic but nothing compares to receiving a hand written letter or even better a delicious parcel! Well, yesterday I was the recipient of the most scrumptious of parcels, the wrapping was truly yummy...I really should have taken a photo, but I was so excited I'm afraid I just couldn't wait to see what was inside!

It was a super lovely present from my friend Lucy Jane Batchelor, in fact it was a gift for Baby Jake rather than me but at the moment until he is old enough to appreciate it the pleasure is all mine! Lucy is a really talented artist, she designs a beautiful range of stationary as well as gorgeous little creatures. I met her several years ago when she had a studio at cockpit arts and fell in love with her quirky style. She sent Jake two lovely plates and a tiny friend to add to the little family of her creatures that I already own. One day Jake will be able to play (very carefully of course) with Lucy's lovely creations...

Say hello to mummy, daddy and baby...I am so pleased to have a little bunny to add to the family. Merci lovely Lucy x

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