Thursday, 24 May 2012

A glass of wine in the sunshine x

The sun came out for our baby free evening...what a treat.  We had so many things that we should be doing...I needed to do my weekly online food shop, put on some laundry and continue to stitch the table numbers for the wedding (it seemed like such a good idea at the time!) and Seb was supposed to be going to the gym, but when was the last sunny evening? and I can't remember the last baby free sunny evening so it would be a waste to stay indoors, wouldn't it?  Well we told ourselves that it most definitely would be so took half a bottle of wine out of the fridge, a couple of wine glasses out of the cupboard and skipped, well I skipped and Seb strolled down to the green where it seemed like lots of people had come to the same conclusion as us....

A glass of cold white wine on a sunny evening...absolute bliss!  We did talk about the wedding to make ourselves feel a little less guilty and we also made a plan for when we turn 50... A little cafe/gallery/studio in Cornwall...but then we also reminded ourselves that life is about the journey not the destination so not to wish away the next twenty years waiting for our idyllic beachside retreat.

Today life feels really good, what a difference a little bit of sunshine makes x

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