Thursday, 24 May 2012

Count me the stars x

Jake's favourite game at the moment is to take all of my books  off the bookshelf and then try to put them back, having a little nibble and suck of a few as he is lovely to see watch him becoming more and more curious but I have to admit I do get a bit apprehensive as he manhandles my precious Paumes collection! 

This morning as I cleared away the breakfast dishes, Jake scooted off out of sight to the bookcase and proceeded to empty the bottom shelf and I left him to it for a while as he was having a lot of fun.  We then popped out to enjoy the mid morning sunshine and then Jake had his nap and I began to put the house back together.  As I put all the books back I noticed two little books that I hadn't seen for ages...Count me the stars and A once courageous heart by the Australian artist and author Kylie Johnson.

I bought these books whilst Jake was just a little bump about 18 months ago when I was visiting my very dear friend Kate in Washington.  They are absolutely beautiful books, both to read and to look at.

The poems, stories and collections of words, thoughts and emotions are presented so thoughtfully across the pages...with the spaces and distances between the words as carefully considered as the words themselves..

I love the beautifully doodles and sketches...don't they just make you want to grab a super fine pen and a crisp white page and create some marks and patterns..?  Kylie's drawings also remind me of the artist Jill Bliss, another of my favourites.

Do have a look at Kylie's beautiful blog.  She also creates wonderful ceramic pieces, although I have to admit it is her books that really capture my heart.

So I must thank baby Jake for making a big mess and discovering two forgotten little treasures x

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